With the ability to design and build, WYE electric avoids many project costs and/or delays due to misinterpretation of plans and the underlying purpose of those plans, as well as the inevitable miscommunications that comes with multiple companies handling the completion of efficient electrical systems. Working on a project from design to final completion allows us to analyze and discuss cost issues, practical and technical details, and client needs throughout the entire process, as decisions are being made, which ultimately saves our client’s money, hassles and headaches.


Tenant Improvement

Whether it’s long-term maintenance or one time service. WYE Electric understands that interruptions in electrical service can result in a loss in productivity and revenue. Rely on our professionals to get things up and running, or back to normal, quickly and efficiently.


Commercial/Electric Contracting

WYE offers our electrical expertise and services to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional customers including businesses and organizations in healthcare, education, state and municipal governments, general contractors, manufacturing plants, hospitality, property management, and distributors.

Value Engineering

At WYE we want our clients to get the most value out of our services. That’s why we actively work with clients to value engineer projects.

Value Engineering  requires a coordinated effort to analyze the needs of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs over the life of the project. In a time where there are endless lighting options, Value Engineering plays an even greater role than ever before in the electrical contracting marketplace.


WYE can help assign costs for your electrical project. Our Estimating service allows our clients to build and allocate the resources needed to shape a functional, valuable, beautiful building tailored to their specific needs.

Assigning costs is critical in every stage of the pre-construction planning process. Many times we encounter unfavorable conditions which might impede construction. However, understanding these planning processes and the key differences between the various types of estimating strategies can help you determine where the proposed building is in its planning cycle and help you make more informed decisions about the constructability and timing of the project.


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